Suna boasts a diverse 30-year career in Finance, Marketing, and Media, beginning in banking with Westpac Banking in Western Australia. Transitioning to General Manager of Advertising and Sales at WA Business News, she later ventured into entrepreneurship, co-owning a boutique hotel in Bali for a decade. During her time in Bali, Suna actively contributed to animal welfare causes.

Upon returning to Perth, Suna took on roles with significant social impact, serving as the Head of Fundraising and Events at RSPCA and later as the Head of Marketing and Fundraising at Breast Cancer Care WA. Currently back in the financial sector, she contributes to the Viridian Foundation board. Beyond her professional pursuits, Suna dedicates herself to charitable causes, focusing on Mental Health, Homelessness, and Environmental Conservation, reflecting her commitment to community well-being.