Reflect Reconcilliation Action Plan

On the 7th of November, 2023, Reconciliation Australia (RA) formally acknowledged and endorsed Viridian Financial Group’s inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.

Our vision is for all people who reside in Australia, regardless of race or birth, to embrace and celebrate the diverse cultures, histories, values and strengths of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We acknowledge their unwavering connection to and unbroken care for the Country and recognise the ongoing enrichment First Nations communities bring to the cultural landscape.

Our vision includes a commitment to truth-telling where people in Australia collectively strive for understanding, respect and healing, recognising that we are better together. Learning from and understanding the perspectives and heritage of First Peoples enriches us all. It can only lead to the breakdown of the long-term structural inequalities, strengthening the fabric of our society.

Through reconciliation, we envisage a future for Australia that is more inclusive and equitable, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, communities and businesses have equal opportunities and outcomes, reaching their full potential and uplifting our collective identity, prosperity and social unity. We remain dedicated to providing professional financial services that are inclusive of all people, their cultures and traditions and reflective of the needs of the individuals and communities we serve. Combining our diverse knowledge, skills and experiences, we can create a more resilient, connected and healthier society.

As we progress through our reconciliation journey, we commit to embedding reconciliation across the Viridian Financial Group and actively champion the virtues of reconciliation throughout our sphere of influence. Utilising our professional skills and resources to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, communities and businesses, fostering beneficial relationships and taking guidance on how we positively contribute to advancing the lived experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, truth-telling, recognition and nurturing reconciliation.

Michael Ehrentraut

Chair – Viridian Foundation